By Esther Barfoot

A snippet of news. Recently, I have launched my own newsletter, because I have set up camp at the cross roads of transition and art. As a communication activist I work and experiment freely and eagerly with a great diversity of work forms and creative/artistic concepts to promote change. 

And I am not alone. I see many cool initiatives everywhere that combine art, craft or design with change. So, I have decided to set up camp at this intersection, watch what is going on and report bi-monthly on what I am seeing and doing.


Why? Because:

  • Artists can see what has never been seen before.
  • Art can make us see things we have never seen before. Or make us see them from a completely new perspective.
  • Art tickles the more intuitive parts of our brain.
  • Art creates connection.
  • Art provokes dialogue and silence.
  • Art helps us get used to trying. And failing. And trying again.
  • Art & creativity give birth to resilience.
  • Art should not only be in galleries of museums, but in all things.

And all of this is essential to create change. But most of all, I LOVE IT when art and activism come together to bring about change. And I believe you can beter hang out somewhere you love.


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