By Esther Barfoot

My contractors for WE Programme are Lily Martens and Helen Kuyper, owners of Bring On The Zoo (BOTZ).

Bring on the Zoo is an innovative network company specialising in strategy building and change management. This is how they describe themselves: ‘We use applied creativity and expertise in group dynamics to ensure high impact innovation. We are skilled facilitators who develop concepts & programmes together with our clients to ensure our solutions can work in real-world situations. We focus on serious challenges and demonstrate high-impact results. We love complexity and are known for simple after complex. Making complex processes understandable for all, without oversimplification. Our ultimate goal is always to make ourself unnecessary in the end. For our clients to not depend on our services a second longer then necessary. We offer a lifetime guarantee, but we promise not to stay for that long!’

BOTZ is owned and operated by Lily Martens and Helen Kuyper. For each project we select partners from our international network to join us, offering our clients the specific expertise needed for each project. This is what the Zoo stands for.